Psychiatric and psychotherapeutic help

At we invite you to psychiatric consultations and psychotherapeutic sessions conducted by associates. Thanks to our rich experience, we are able to accommodate patients with different types of diseases. However, we specialize in the treatment of addiction problems. In the vast majority of cases, we expect our patients to participate in psychotherapy because we are convinced that this is necessary for the treatment to have the desired long-term effects.

What’s the visit like?

Finally, we discuss our conclusions and hypotheses with the patient. We propose a pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment (choice of a psychotherapist).
To complete the interview, we ask some socio-demographic questions (age, place of residence, marital status, etc. ).
We need to know the course of the disorder and the history of the treatment. It is important that you bring the following with you on your first visit: discharges from the hospital, history of the medications you have taken (doses, duration of treatment, effects on individual symptoms, side effects).
The first visit is of a qualification and diagnostic nature. First, the patient describes in his own words what he is missing. Then we deepen the survey by looking for possible causes and mechanisms that cause the onset of symptoms.

Other disorders

We treat people with different mental disorders:

  • neuroses and anxiety disorders: generalized anxiety, panic disorder, phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder,
  • mood disorders: depression, bipolar disorder,
  • psychotic disorders: schizophrenia, organic psychosis, drug psychosis, alcoholic hallucinosis,
  • chemical dependencies (alcohol, drugs, drugs, drugs) and behavioral addictions.

and many others.

The role of psychotherapy in psychiatric treatment

Different types of medicines used to treat mental disorders achieve the best results when combined with psychotherapy. Although medication is often necessary to achieve the desired treatment success, we observe that long-lasting remissions may be achieved only with concomitant psychotherapy. Sometimes they can be of great help to the patient during ketamine infusions.

Rola psychoterapii w leczeniu psychiatrycznym


Jakub Krzysztof Wielgopolan

Jakub Krzysztof Wielgopolan

+48 605-247-395

I am a psychotherapist and existential coach and have been working in psychological care since the late 90s (born 1962). I am Master of Science in Psychology (University of Social Psychology in Warsaw) and Master of Philosophy (Academy of Catholic Theology in Warsaw). I am the holder of an international certificate for counseling and psychological support from the Vienna School of Psychotherapy “Existential Analysis and Logotherapy” of the GLE (International Society for Logotherapy and Existence Analysis)

– Vienna). In addition, I studied “Psychological Help and Sociotherapy” at the Centre for Psychosocial Methods and Training in Warsaw, “Contact in the Situation of Help” and “Basics of Professional Psychological Help” at the Psychoeducation Laboratory in Warsaw. I gained clinical experience in the hospital in Tworki and in the psychiatric hospital on Warsaw Street, in the Institute of Genetics Generation and in private practice. I deal with psychological support, individual psychotherapy (also young people from 18 years old, I worked in the centre of the association “Alternatiff”, which deals with psychological support for so-called difficult young people), group therapy, couple therapy and personal development (life coaching). I have received a certificate as a trainer doing exercises to relieve tension, stress and trauma – TRE (Trauma and Stress Releasing Excercises). I also completed postgraduate studies in “Relaxation and Yoga” at the AWF of Józef Piłsudski in Warsaw. I work with the coaching centre “Owocne Miejsce” in Warsaw and the counselling centre for mental health “Harmony” in Warsaw. Psychological support of ketamine and esketamine therapy – since the first clinical trials in Poland.

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