Esketamine therapy - SPRAVATO

Esketamine, which is the S enantiomer of ketamine, is used to treat drug-resistant depression in the form of the drug SPRAVATO (registered by Janssen). Like ketamine therapy, esketamine therapy is recommended when there has been no improvement after at least two treatments with different antidepressants. SPRAVATO helps with symptoms of depression such as feelings of sadness and anxiety, difficulty sleeping, change in appetite, and loss of interest in favorite activities.

The aerosol medication is taken intranasally and is intended for self-administration by the patient, but under medical supervision. Before starting therapy, the Specialist must evaluate the indications and possible contraindications for implementing this therapy.

The treatment process itself with SPRAVATO takes 6 months and is divided into three phases:

  • induction phase – first 4 weeks of treatment, medication taken twice a week,
  • maintenance phase I – between 5 and 8 weeks of therapy, the drug used once a week,
  • maintenance Phase II – after week 8 of therapy, if so directed by your doctor, once every two weeks.

The administration of esketamine takes place in a medical facility and the patient is advised to stay for 1. 5h to 3h after receiving the drug, during which time the patient’s mood and blood pressure are monitored. It is a good idea to have a trusted person accompany the patient and help them get home safely. On the same day, he is prohibited from driving until he has slept a restful night in a restorative sleep.

Medicine for drug-resistant depressive disorders

If treatment with conventional antidepressants does not work, treatment with esketamine helps patients with drug-resistant depression at a 70% remission rate.

6-month therapy with low chance of relapse

Esketamine not only quickly eliminates the symptoms of depression, but also leads to a permanent remission in most patients.

Preparation for use under constant medical supervision

Esketamine therapy is completely safe when performed under controlled conditions. Possible side effects are short-lived.

Painless way of taking the medicine (aerosol)

Esketamine in the form of SPRAVATO is administered intranasally. The dose and frequency of administration is determined by the psychiatrist.

Adverse reactions

The most common side effects after taking SPRAVATO are:

  • dizziness and headache,
  • the feeling of being separated from oneself, thoughts, feelings and things around oneself,
  • alteration of the sensation of taste,
  • feeling of drowsiness,
  • decreased sensitivity,
  • vomiting,
  • nausea,
  • acceleration of heart rhythm,
  • increased blood pressure.
Terapia esketaminą działania niepożądane

Intravenous ketamine treatments are a cheaper alternative to the preferred esketamine therapy. For both therapies, oral antidepressants may be continued at the discretion of the physician.

The price of the treatment is 800 PLN + the price of the drug SPRAVATO (800 PLN for 28 mg). The cost of the same treatment with hypnosis is 1000 PLN + the price of the product SPRAVATO as above.

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