Price list for the treatment of depression with ketamine or esketamine

First psychiatric visit
300 PLN
Another psychiatric visit (fixed price for the entire treatment)
200 PLN
Psychotherapy session
160 PLN
Group psychotherapy
100 PLN
Psychotherapy of couples
250 PLN
Package – 6 infusions + 6 process-supporting psychotherapy sessions
5000 PLN
Infusion of ketamine
700 PLN
Ketamine treatment + hypnosis
1000 PLN
Esketamine treatment 28mg
1400 PLN
Esketamine treatment 56mg
2000 PLN
Esketamine treatment 84mg
2600 PLN
Hypnosis with 28mg SPRAVATO
2000 PLN
Home visit
od 500 PLN

Information on payments:

We kindly inform You that from 01.02.2022 a change of the Procedures is in force. Visits canceled more than 24 hours before the date must be paid.

In case of payment by bank transfer, please send a confirmation by e-mail to info@ketamineclinic. pl one day before the planned visit. Failure to pay will result in an automatic cancellation of your visit.

Bank transfers account number: 06 1140 2004 0000 3902 8196 2906.

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